Coming soon: PDFs with checklists and logistic instructions on how to implement the following solutions in other theatre companies.

Read the blog that sought out these initiatives, “Solutions Part 3” and “Solutions Part 4”.

Childcare Providers for Artists:

Broadway Babysitters (NYC) (Nation-Wide) (Nation-Wide)

Crowdsource Social Media Pages for Parents/Post your requests

Childcare for Patrons that is Free/On-site

Marin Theatre Company: Free Childcare Matinee

Fund Source: Community partner negotiation with
Fund Recipients: Theatre patrons
Specs: Childcare provided free at one specified matinee performance per mainstage production
Benefits: Urbansitter covered the cost of babysitters 100%, providing patrons with children a day out at the theatre without worry of logistics or finances of securing reliable childcare. Marin Theatre Company has created multiple initiatives with working with artist parents and families and their communities.
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Childcare for Artists that is Contract/Production-funded

Marin Theatre Company: Childcare Fund for Actors

Fund Source: Community donors
Fund Recipients: Husband and wife actors both cast in Bay Area productions at the same time
Specs: The husband and wife would bring their son to respective rehearsal space where the fund-payed sitter would pick him up for the day.
Benefits: The childcare fund at MTC made it possible for both parents to be employed at the same time. Booking childcare closer to rehearsal and allowing the theatre space as a meeting point reduced the childcare hours/cost and kept the parents in closer proximity to the sitter and child.
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Childcare for Artists that is Community Driven

Moxie Theatre Company: Baby Holders

Fund Source: Volunteers
Fund Recipients: Any member of staff
Specs: Vetted members of the community and former Moxie employees hold babies as needed for mothers working rehearsals/tech
Benefits: Breastfeeding mothers have their babies on-site and in close proximity for feeds. Technical disciplines allow for the mother to be nearby while working tech hands-free.