Grants & Opportunities

SPACE on Ryder Farm

“All family residents (parents and children) will take part in three communal farm-fresh meals daily. SPACE will facilitate creative and nature-focused programming for the children, culminating in an informal group share. Simultaneously SPACE supports the adult artists by creating an environment with structured time and space to create (as well as structured time and space to be with their children). The response from residents and the larger community has been resoundingly positive and the high demand for this program has compelled SPACE to expand the residency in 2017, making a second week available to more families…”
– SPACE on Ryder Farm Family Residency [Read More]



“Celebrating our fifth year offering this special space grant, the BAX Parent/Artist Space Grant is designed to address some of the needs artists face when trying to meet the challenges of being an artist and a parent to preschool age children. As an organization that has entered its third decade, BAX is intimately familiar with the joys and the difficulties of raising a family and creating and producing work.”
– BAX [Read More]

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